Build next-gen products and programs that radically improve performance and well-being

Our Universal Method for Applied Neuro-literacy™ empowers people to overcome brain-based internal self-barriers to their performance and well-being by learning to make productive changes to their brain's automatic intuitive and effortful deliberate reasoning processes.

We want everyone to be able to use our neuro-literacy-enabling training programs, tools, and development platform to rapidly and responsibly democratize neuro-literacy.


The Universal Method for Applied Neuro-literacy™ can be applied to virtually any task or situation where a person or group of people want to improve their performance or experience of life.

We define “performance” as the ability to take productive actions toward a personally meaningful objective, and we define “experience of life” as the thoughts, emotions, physical body sensations, and behaviors a person experiences at any point of time.

The Universal Method can be applied on a stand-alone basis or integrated into the protocol of any product or program for personal/interpersonal performance or well-being improvement.

The NEXT System™ is a cloud-based technology platform to make the Universal Method, and products and services based on it, widely available and applicable.

A universal problem-solving methodology and system for the rapid democratization of neuro-literacy

The NEXT System is based on protocols and standards that everything in the System is built on and supported by. Any user can use the system to support their own needs, train another user, support another user, modify an existing product or service, create a new one, and sell it or give it away.

The NEXT System provides both a transformative personal-performance-improvement and lifelong-learning system for individuals and an open innovation-and-publishing platform for thought leaders, innovators, engineers, scientists, practitioners, and content owners working to create non-clinical evidence-based products that are easy and effective for people to use in daily life.

NEXT neuro-literacy training is not therapy, counseling, or coaching, although it draws on these disciplines to be effective. Neuro-literacy is a new skill set that leverages neuroplasticity, the brain’s natural ability to change, in a non-clinical way so it can be adopted upstream from healthcare systems to improve the lives of virtually everyone.

In due course, our vision is that the principles of neuro-literacy will be adapted and adopted into healthcare systems to improve the effectiveness of clinical treatments.